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EPA Victoria Approval CA 123/12

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Sewer Pumping Station

* Wastewater Treatment Plant Systems
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* Sewer Pumping Stations
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Water Tanks

For people living in areas where no town sewage system is available, wastewater and home sewage systems 
are the modern environmentally friendly alternative.

ADVANCE Polymer (Krystel Kleer Poly ADV5000)
Krystel Kleer  Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) manufacturedTank_Front_3 with highest grade polymer.

Full local and state government approval

Purpose design and single tank system

Minimum machinery for freight and offloading requirements

Ease of installation for difficult terrain sites and tight access

Clean Clear production of safe recycled wastewater

20yr manufacturers warranty on polymer construction

Manufacturers warranties on pumps and blowers

Integral unique anchoring system for in ground safety

Fully automatic operation with audible and visual alarm systems

All tanks manufactured to Australian Standard ASNZS 1546.1-2008

All component systems manufactured to Australian Standards ASANS 1546.1-2008

            Concrete               Verses            Polymer

             That                      Verses                This

Subsurface and Spray Irrigation Area
The treated water is dispersed through irrigation lines:

Surface Spray (heavy droplet)

Evaporation Bed (ETA Beds)

Effluent Lines/Trenches

Subsurface Drip Irrigation                                                            
Pressure Compensating Drip Irrigation      
Raised Bed - Compensating Drip                 


                           Shallow Subsurface - Compensating Drip

Septic Effluent Lines/Trenches

This ensures that designated areas of your garden receive the benefit of regular watering.
The aeration principle produces effluent to environmentally acceptable levels.



Sewer Pumping Station 


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